Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased that a fix to the prevalent issue of its 12V batteries. Like all other cars, the battery system in Tesla vehicles delivers power to the media unit, lights, windows, etc. Tesla Model X and Model S' 12-volt batteries tend to die fast or at least allegedly faster than in other cars.

Elon Musk said through a tweet that a significant set of software improvements are set to roll out for the 12V batteries of Tesla vehicles. This would apparently make them last longer. Musk also teased that more is coming in response to a Tesla owner's request.

It is interesting that unlike other cars, Tesla vehicles are capable of warning owners that the 12-volt battery is about to die. However, another issue is that multiple owners are getting that warning too often. Musk has said in the past about moving away from a 12-volt electric architecture in its fleet.

It was initially planned to be on Tesla Model Y. The CEO, however, has to delay the plan presumably because it wanted to introduce the SUV to the market the soonest. Based on the CEO's recent tweet, it looks like an update would include 12V battery health warnings. If this materializes, it would definitely please Tesla owners considering that it would address the particularly annoying part of Tesla vehicle ownership experience. Also, it would reduce instances of owners experiencing major troubles when their 12V battery dies. Another interesting thing about Musk's post is that it implies that the electric vehicle maker is aware of the limitations of its 12V batteries. It is also possible that Tesla could introduce a superior option for 12V batteries in the future. After the company gained its reputation for rapid innovation and the current 12V battery is certainly one area that greatly needs it most. If Tesla could solve the issue with the 12V battery on its vehicles, approximately a million owners and countless others who will purchase Tesla vehicles could enjoy a better performing 12V battery.

Tesla is the top brand to receive a lot of useful over the air software updates. It is one of the company's strengths and one of the most enjoyable parts of owning a Tesla vehicle. The majority of the owners are always amazed at how their vehicles continuously improve and get better.