Tesla Model 3 is allegedly getting a new set of changes soon, according to an industry insider. The changes would include a new center console, addition of a heat pump, steering wheel, and more. The U.S. electric vehicle maker was earlier rumored to release a more affordable Tesla Model 3 Hatchback that could compete with European electric cars.

The latest information about Tesla's plan came from a reliable Chinese industry insider and reported by Electrek. The Tesla Model 3 will reportedly introduce a slew of new features. The insider claimed it would feature Center console 2.0, new headlights and taillights, a new steering wheel, and a powered trunk gate.

Aside from those, the insider also said that the Tesla Model 3 would soon feature a new octovalve, heat pump, and new windows that feature double panes. These said changes are allegedly coming to Tesla Model 3 built at the company's Fremont Factory. This particular facility supplies Model 3 for all markets outside of China.

The insider also said that these upcoming Tesla Model 3 changes would be first seen in vehicles released in North America. Apparently, these changes would soon be routinely synchronized to Model 3 units released in China. At this point, this information is only a rumor, but Electrek believes that some of the updates make some sense.

The site pointed out that the electric vehicle maker recently updated the trunk of the Model 3. Rumors have it that this update is the company's preparation for installing the model's new heat pump and Octovalve. These upgrades were first seen on Tesla Model Y units.

Apart from those, the recent Tesla Model 3 trunk update is also rumored as anticipation of introducing a powered trunk gate and new headlights. Recently, Tesla has been rolling out changes to Model 3 cars developed in China before introducing new changes to the same models built in the U.S.

In the early part of this year, the company upgraded Made in China (MIC) Tesla 3 vehicles with USB-C ports and new wireless phone chargers. After a month, these same features were introduced in Tesla Model 3 units built in the Fremont facility. The changes in Model 3 windows, as well as improvement in cabin noise and isolation, are expected since Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier mentioned that the team is working on these.

As for the Center Console, the leak is vague if it refers to the storage system between the seats or the center screen unit. Since these details are just rumors, take these with a pinch of salt.