Tencent Rolls Out WeChat For Kids

Technology titan Tencent Holdings is applying to trademark the "youth version" of its multipurpose messaging app WeChat in order to boost its online learning offerings, the company said.

As COVID-19 has boosted the online education economy, students and educators have increasingly turned to the WeChat platform for online learning. Some parents have raised concerns that the multiple functions on WeChat, including video games and mini programs, can distract students from online learning. 

Trademarks including "WeChat For Kids" and "Children's Version of WeChat" are now registered under Tencent Holdings company information, indicating it will cover business in education, entertainment, scientific instruments and internet services. 

Tencent said its youth version of Wechat was launched for internal testing and is in the development phase. As of this June, up to 1.2 billion users globally have signed onto WeChat, according to the company.

China and EU Team Up Against Product Infringement 

After eight years of negotiations, China and the European Union finally signed a bilateral pact on Monday, aimed to protect a total of 550 products in China and the EU against acts of product imitation and infringement, Yicai Global reported.

The pact names 275 European "Geographical Indications" (GIs) in China, including signature products like Spanish Cava and Portuguese Port wines, Champagne, Feta cheese, Irish whiskey, Munich beer, Greek Ouzo, Polish vodka, Italian Prosciutto di Parma ham and Spain's Manchego sheep milk cheese.

It further protects 275 Chinese GIs in the EU including Wuchang Rice, Sichuan-Style Pickles, Pixian Bean Paste, Anji White Tea, Baoshan Arabica Coffee and Anqiu Ginger.

The agreement will safeguard a first batch of 100 products from both sides and expand its coverage to shield the remaining GI products in the next four years. 

Ant Group Copycat App Defrauds Users

A copycat app, "Ant Financial Service," has successfully defrauded users for online loan offerings by making use of Ant Group's former company name, Ant Group has warned while restating that "Alipay" is its only fintech app, according to a Yicai Global report.

A victim in Zhejiang province applied for a 30,000 yuan ($4,439) loan on the app "Ant Financial Service". The app requested his personal ID information as well as paying operational fees. He ended up loosing 19,000 yuan. 

Local police said that since 2019, fraudulent copycat app cases have been increasing with more varied tricks. Users should look into money-loaning company's information through a third-party inquiry data platform. 

Ant Group was formerly known as Ant Financial, Ant Financial Service Group, and Alipay. Its legal name is Zhejiang Ant Financial Services Group Co., Ltd.

The company rebranded itself as Ant Group in June.