Apple announced the modification of the AppleCare+ Protection Plan to cover two inadvertent damage incidents every 12 months.

The announcements during the September "Time Flies" event of Apple were not solely focused on new hardware and software products, but also included service-oriented declarations. One of such declarations is about the expansion of the AppleCare+ Protection Plan which will now cover two damage incidents every 12 months. Cook also said that they lowered the theft and loss deductible fees.

Before the September "Time Flies" event announcement on the AppleCare+ Protection Plan expansion, past coverage include only two incidences of unintentional damage every 24 months. That means that within that time, if you accidentally caused damage to your iOS device twice within the year, AppleCare+ will no longer cover for any accidental damage in the subsequent year which is still part of the 24 months.

Cook said during the September "Time Flies" event that the AppleCare+ Protection Plan changes apply to the new Apple Watch Series and new iPhone models. The Apple CEO made the announcement ahead of the release of new iPhone 12 models, which is set for October of this year. Cook said iPads and Macs also have the same coverage.

Under the modified AppleCare+ Protection Plan, accidental damage is still subject to services costs which would depend on the extent of the damage and the type of device. While Cook did not go into details as regards the amount and other details when he mentioned the AppleCare+ expansion during the September "Time Flies" event, reports say services fees range anywhere between $29 and $149 depending on the damage and type of device.

In the case of an iPhone, for instance, screen damage may cost the customers $29 deductible under the expanded AppleCare+ Protection Plan, while other types of unintentional damages may require a $99 service fee. Cook also announced during the September "Time Flies" event the lowering of deductibles as regards Theft or Loss plan. For all iPhones, deductible fees are now at $149. In the past, replacing a lost or stolen iPhones can cost users from $149 to $269 depending on the model.

This means that under the modified AppleCare+ Protection Plan which Cook announced during the September "Time Flies" event, replacing a lost or stolen iPhones is much more affordable. Apple also modified its AppleCare+ policies recently to make it easy for customers living in the United States and Canada to buy Apple Care for up to 12 months after purchasing a new device. The one-year purchase window is available for all iOS devices qualified under the AppleCare+ Protection Plan. These include iPads, Macs, HomePods, iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch.