NCIS season 18 officially begins production. The latest installment could release its new episodes in the coming months. We could expect a lot of interesting stories here, particularly with Wilmer Valderrama's Nick Torres. The character's backstory will be explored moving forward.

Torres' past wasn't really explored since he arrived in the series. While there's some substantial backstory on him, the story tends to focus on him trying to fit in or his relationship with Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham). This is something that will change entering NCIS season 18.

Speaking to a new interview with TV Insider, Valderrama discussed what's coming for his character moving forward in the new season. He confirmed that viewers will find out "so much more" about Torres' past, including where he came from, what was his upbringing, as well as his family.

Valderrama said that NCIS season 18 will explore more about the character's family since Torres has been such a mystery over the past few years. He added it would be fun to peel some of the layers off to give some justification of why he is the way he is.

Valderrama further noted that he's excited as an actor to play those layers. Exploring Torres' backstory means allowing the character to be more vulnerable. This is something that could bring him closer to other characters. If he opens up himself, he could get along with other people in the department.

Meanwhile, Torres and Bishop's relationship ming change in NCIS season 18, as well. The two have grown closer over the past four seasons. Clearly, they have feelings for each other, but both of them aren't making any move for a full-blown romance.

Fans have been invested in the potential romance for Torres and Bishop. They've become dependent on each other both personally and professionally. There is an obvious attraction between them. It's interesting to see where their bond is heading moving forward.

Valderrama teased that the series is doing something different with Torres and Bishop in the new season. The actor said the exploration of relationships within the characters has always been a mystery. He hinted that they'll be doing something that wasn't seen in the series before.

The actor seemingly compared them with Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony's (Michael Weatherly) relationship. Their romance was an epic love story and it took time to get a happy ending. Perhaps, Torres and Bishop's relationship may need some time to what they really deserve.

NCIS season 18 is set to premiere in November.