Kate Middleton regularly does the school run at Prince George and Princess Charlotte's school, However, she's apparently not the most interesting mother to drop off her kids at Thomas's Battersea in London.

Sources said that the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't usually get second glances when she brings her kids to school in the morning, according to reports. There is another mom that the staff and the other parents are keener on catching during their brief stops at the school doors. This mother is apparently a gorgeous Victoria's Secret model.

This year, however, George and Charlotte's school run are slightly different due to the COVID-19 restrictions. A parent told Vanity Fair that Thomas's Battersea no longer allows parents to drop their kids by the door. 

Instead, one parent may only see their children off by the school gates. However, exceptions have been made for George and Charlotte, whose parents may still be able to drive inside the school grounds. According to the source, the Windsors are exempt from following the drop-off rule for security reasons. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge usually share photos of George and Charlotte standing on the steps of their school on their first day. They skipped doing this tradition this year to respect the school's safety precautions.

Meanwhile, Prince George begins Middle School as a Year 3 student and will have some demanding subjects, according to People. The third in line to the British throne has core classes like English, science, math, geography and history. He'll also take French, art and design, computing and technology, music and drama, and P.E. classes with ballet. 

George will also be eligible to join after-school clubs for Year 3 to 5 kids. He can choose to join the school choir or learn a musical instrument but he might stick with soccer, his favorite sport. The young royal also needs to prepare for the cross-country run, which the school expects of all students from Year 3 to 8.

Charlotte, on the other hand, will begin Year 1 this year. Her core subjects are more or less similar to George and she'll likely love the dance classes the best.

The Cambridge children will be very busy with homework and activities but Prince William said he is relieved that George and Charlotte are back to the formal school setting. In March, the children had to shift to homeschooling when the pandemic was just escalating. Prince William and Kate admitted that the homeschool set up demanded a lot on them as parents.