Giannis Antetokounmpo is friends with Warriors superstar Stephen Curry and on this connection alone the rumors persist that one day, the Greek Freak will be on the same team with Curry. That could happen but there is no way the scenario will play out next season. Antetokounmpo is not switching sides anytime soon.

That chiefly was the substance of the report penned by The Athletic's Sam Amick and Eric Nehm. The journalists said the Milwaukee management held a meeting with Antetokounmpo's camp in the aftermath of the Bucks' defeat against the Miami Heat. The thought that he is not appearing in the NBA Finals this season has to be a disappointment for the 25-year-old, which was the reason for the face-to-face.

But to be clear, there was no cutting of ties during the three-hour talk. The meet touched more on what lies ahead for the organization that certainly now counts Antetokounmpo as its face, and according to the report, the chit-chat ended on a positive note.

"Sources say all parties left in good spirits and with a sense of synergy that the Bucks certainly hope continues," NBC Sports reported Amick and Nehm as saying.

In other words, the meeting was all about the Bucks doing better next season and the possibility of Antetokounmpo bolting out in the offseason was not even considered. Suggestions were made but all these stands on the same ground - Milwaukee will another shot at the title next season and Antetokounmpo is all for it.

Teams that were hoping for Antetokounmpo to bail out on the Bucks were naturally disappointed and one of these keen observers was the Warriors. As mentioned, it's not even a secret that the Bucks superstar is wanted in the Bay Area and even Curry was doing his share to lure Antetokounmpo away from the Cream City.

Yet truth be told, the Warriors acquiring Antetokounmpo is not easy. It will cost Golden State, and NBC said the team will need to spend big and sacrifice even bigger. The only way that the Bucks will listen to a trade offer on the power forward is for the Dubs to offer a suitable replacement plus cash.

Only one name on the Warriors roster will answer to the Bucks' requirements and it's none other than Klay Thompson. And needless to say, losing Thompson will be too emotional for the Golden State crowd even if they are getting Antetokounmpo in his stead.

In any case, Fansided said the Warriors willing to make these sacrifices will indeed be in pole position to get Antetokounmpo to take a second hard look in the west of the NBA. Curry and his squad are certified winners and if an NBA ring is what Antetokounmpo is looking for, the team can promise one more or even a decade of dominance in the league.