There is never a dull moment at Jennifer Garner's household even though she stays at home most of the time because of the coronavirus pandemic. She entertained her almost 9.8 million followers on Instagram once again with her hilarious attempt to make a snack from the giant sunflowers in her backyard. 

Garner spent days making a snack out of the sunflower seeds she harvested herself. However, the result was not what she expected and fans gave their ratings to the actress' attempt. 

Garner recently offered a glimpse of her botanical garden. The Alias actress has turned her estate in California into a sustainable piece of land. Ben Affleck's ex-wife has been growing vegetables and fruits in her backyard and also raises some chicken for fresh eggs. 

In her most recent video, she cut down some of her giant sunflowers and harvested its seeds. Garner was able to scrape half-a-gallon worth of seeds from the huge flowers. 

She soaked them into a mixture of water and salt for a few days. Then, she drained it and spread the seeds out on a pan before roasting them in the oven with olive oil and salt for 40 minutes. 

Garner thought she might have picked the flowers too early and soaked the seed for too long. But, she continued with the process that she saw on YouTube. 

When it was finally time to try her self-made snack, she discovered there were no seeds inside. It was a disaster. 

"Somebody stole the seeds," she hilariously said before adding that sometimes it's nice to prepare a lovely snack for her chicken. The entire batch of her supposed sunflower seeds snack, that she spent days preparing, ended up at a Ziplock labeled "chicken feed." 

Jennifer Garner's followers on Instagram can't help but laugh at the actress' misfortune but also praised her for her patience and effort. Others said Jen's chicken must love her more after she prepared gourmet snacks for them. 

Some stars, including Diane Keaton, Octavia Spencer, and Chelsea Handler, also commented on Garner's video and praised the Love, Simon actress for her effort. Garner's video has so far garnered more than two million views.

Meanwhile, fans have been loving the 13 Going on 30 actress' down-to-earth and totally relatable videos. Aside from gardening, she has been doing her Pretend Cooking Show as well, wherein she tries different recipes. 

Moreover, she also started her own initiative, called "Hey Jen, Look at Me." In this project, she encourages people to send videos of themselves showcasing their talents while in quarantine.