BTS is known for their amazing stage outfits and trendy ensembles during TV appearances, performances, and more. But during their downtime, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook let loose, and that’s when their personal style kicks in.

Most of the BTS boys prefer very casual and comfortable outfits when they are not doing any activities and events. But as for J-Hope, he remains fashionable on and off the stage.

Because of his style, ARMYs have been urging the “Ego” rapper to start his own fashion line. And since J-Hope's sister has a shop, many believe that this idea is not far from happening.

While fashionable celebrities would credit well-known artists as their inspiration, J-Hope’s “style hero” is Snoopy. The BTS star is known for being a big fan of this cartoon pooch and had been spotted wearing Snoopy shirts, sweaters, and more.

Recently, a lucky ARMY took to Twitter to share their K-drama-like experience with J-Hope. They said that they were at work with their co-workers when J-Hope walked in with two of his friends.

The ARMY said that J-Hope was talking and laughing with his pals as they shopped for Snoopy items. The fan shared that they told him they are ARMYs, and the 26-year-old rapper, songwriter, and record producer said hi and smiled at them. This happened during Jimin’s birthday, and the lucky ARMYs felt that they were the ones getting a gift because they met J-Hope that day.

“We said we’re both ARMYs and he flashed his gorgeous smile at us and said hi. I’m shaking and crying T-T I love you J-Hope. It’s Jimin’s birthday but I feel like I’m the one who got the gift,” the ARMY said.

The fan revealed that J-Hope purchased some Snoopy stickers and a plate that he placed inside a transparent bag. They said that they now hang the set that the BTS rapper bought at the store.

But the workers in the shop were not the only ones who spotted J-Hope that day. Another ARMY also took to Twitter to share that they saw the BTS star. The fan shared that even though JH was wearing a mask, they knew it was him.

The ARMY said that they froze upon realizing that they met J-Hope. This action led the BTS star to recognize that they were an ARMY and smiled at them. The fan then explained that “it was the brightest smile ever.”