Princess Eugenie is the new royal patron of the Scoliosis Association U.K. The 30-year-old pregnant royal is the perfect choice for the role, having been through a scoliosis surgery when she was only 12 years old.

The organization confirmed the choice in a social media post on Thursday. Scoliosis Association U.K. co-founder Stephanie Clark also said that they are delighted to have Princess Eugenie as their patron.

Clark said that the York royal has been truly brave about her experience with the spinal condition. As patron of SAUK, Princess Eugenie will be able to encourage people who are also struggling to come to terms with the problems of their spine, as well as the recovery process after the surgery.

In June, Princess Eugenie made an appeal to patients of scoliosis to proudly share their scar operation photos on their social media accounts. Three months later, the sister of Princess Beatrice reposted these images to share positivity among her followers.

Eugenie, who is also one of the ambassadors of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, went through a scoliosis surgery before she was a teenager. Her spine has been fitted with an eight-inch titanium rod to repair the curve and screws were locked to the bones around her neck.

Queen Elizabeth's granddaugther revealed that she spent three days in intensive care and a week at the hospital after the surgery. She had to use a wheelchair until she was able to walk again.

In 2018, Eugenie said that she used to be angry about her back surgery because she had to miss a lot of sports and be behind school so her body could heal. However, the royal has had a change of attitude about the scar on her back since growing up.

The York royal also gives credit to her mother, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, for her positive attitude and for her letting her see that the operation worked to straighten her posture. When Princess Eugenie visits patients with scoliosis, her mother would often encourage them by pointing to the princess' corrected back so that they won't lose hope during the long and tedious treatment process.

Princess Eugenie knew that, when she got married to Jack Brooksbank, she had to show off the scar on her back in her wedding dress. Royal fans watched the princess walked towards the altar with a backless gown that did not hide her surgery scars as it symbolized her struggles and resilience.