Several high-profile personalities have now started to take action toward environmental conservation. On Thursday evening, Ivanka Trump touted her support toward Donald Trump's executive order to form the One Trillion Trees Interagency Council.

The White House announced the signing of the order earlier this week. Based on the details, this would "further" the United States' contribution toward the global effort in conserving the environment.

Following the announcement, the First Daughter reshared the post on her social media account. She said that she is "proud" to support the effort, which she deems "ambitious."

Many netizens immediately took their praise and commendations in the comment section. A lot of fans and supporters shared their appreciation and recognition toward Ivanka Trump.

"I'm proud of you," one netizen said, adding that this is despite the fact that Ivanka would not see or notice the praise. "Planting and conserving one trillion trees" is good effort another argued, noting that it will do something for the environment.

Some individuals described the effort as "beautiful" and a "great" job. Others, however, raised their honest questions regarding the new executive order.

Amid all the deregulations, "where do you plan on planting these trees," one netizen asked. Several Twitter users seemingly agreed and stated that this is a great question to ask.

On the other hand, critics and trolls were, also, present in the comment section. Many of them called out Ivanka Trump stating that their action is now a "little too late."

Several others even mocked her and used her caption to do so. She is "proud to support this ambitious effort to pose as a public servant to further my family's wealth," one sarcastically said.

Something will certainly stick, so "keep throwing everything at the wall," another posted, adding that this might probably include her "indictment."

Meanwhile, other critics changed the subject and reminded her of the COVID-19 crisis that remains apparent today. They posted the total number of deaths due to the pandemic, implying that the U.S. President "killed" them all.

Amid all the criticisms and praises toward Ivanka Trump, there are, also, other netizens who shared their thoughts mainly about Donald Trump. Likewise, the U.S. President received tons of both positive and negative feedback.

In the White House's original post, several individuals applauded him for the effort. Some even stated that he is the best president of the United States, "ever."

Unfortunately, his critics conceded that while the effort is great, his actions are "too late." Many netizens poked fun at him for this matter, stating that he is like a student, who turns in his homework at last minute for "more extra credit."