Donald Trump assured his audience that Barron Trump has now recovered from COVID-19. His statements came after Melania Trump revealed a few details about her son's condition through an essay she penned for the White House's official website.

The post, which carries the title My Personal Experience With COVID-19, details the First Lady's brush with the deadly virus within the two weeks of her quarantine. Aside from sharing what happened in between those days, she unveiled, for the first time, that her 14-year-old son, also, tested positive for coronavirus.

She noted, though, that Barron has since recovered and tested negative. Donald Trump followed suit and touted that his teenage son recovered quickly.

Amid his statements toward Barron's condition, he described him as "beautiful" and "tall." Following his comments, which netizens have since deemed as "shocking" and "weird," many of them took their criticisms to social media.

CNN reporter Daniel Dale posted Trump's comments on Twitter. He shared with his followers how the U.S. President described Barron Trump following the latter's contraction.

Netizens were too quick to respond to the post and began to slam the Trump patriarch. The majority of them accused him of not knowing his son.

Donald Trump "has no idea who Barron is," one critic said. "This is the kind of statement someone makes about their neighbor's grandchild," another stated, adding that his comments are "weird."

Many netizens shared similar thoughts and agreed with the earlier comments. Trump speaks "as if he has never interacted with his son," a different Twitter user shared. "Who talks like that," one sarcastically asked.

Several others mocked him, as well, and shared sarcastic comments. He is a "normal father, speaking in a very normal way about the son he absolutely loves," another netizen replied.

The ridicules toward Donald Trump continued as netizens maintained their takes on his comments. But, on Melania Trump's profile, several netizens expressed their care and concern for her and Barron Trump following the publishing of her personal essay.

"Your letter touched my heart deeply. You are an excellent role model for us all worldwide. I am sending you and your family love from Denmark, and I sincerely wish that you will continue in the White House for a new term," a supporter tweeted.

"Thank you for the sacrifices you and your son have made to help our country. We love and treasure you, dear Melania. You are the epitome of grace, beauty and dignity," another added.