The coronavirus has brought into the limelight accounts of people breaching quarantine protocols but recent intentional exposure to COVID-19 has raised concerns about further transmission.

U.S. University Condemns Intentional Exposure Among Students

In a notice Oct. 12 on the official website of the Brigham Young University's Idaho campus, management said it was "deeply troubled by accounts of individuals who have intentionally exposed themselves and others to COVID-19."

The "Warning: Intentionally Contracting COVID-19" notice said students who intentionally contracted the disease were hoping they could sell their plasma containing antibodies.

BYU-Idaho warned that students proven to have intentionally exposed themselves to the virus would either be immediately suspended or even dismissed.

Finally, the university said it "stands ready to help" students who may feel physically, emotionally and financially stressed owing to the pandemic.

Man Goes On Rampage At Tesco Store

In West London, a film of a man storming through a Tesco store in Ealing has gone viral. The video shows the man pulling products from shelves and throwing them on the floor.

The man started slamming items on the ground after he was asked by Tesco staff to wear a mask or leave.

Police said this week they were informed there was "anti-social behavior" at a business in Ealing. The man was arrested "on suspicion of criminal damage."

Soren Birch is expected to appear in court Nov. 25. Tesco thanked the police following "a disturbance" at its Uxbridge Road store.

Dancing And Hugging In Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Street

More film online raised concern about how some in Newcastle upon Tyne had neglected anti-coronavirus regulations.

In the video, hundreds of people can be seen leaving Greys Court and thronging the street. A little later, people are seen dancing and hugging as they wave their mobile phones.

The anonymous passerby who uploaded the film said his "blood is well and truly boiling" upon seeing the crowd gathering as the curfew approaches and rejecting social distancing.

A spokesman for Ladhar Group, the company that runs Grey's Club, said the event "operated successfully" and was "fully compliant" with the local government's COVID-19 regulations.

The spokesman added that Ladhar Group was currently revising its policies for club patrons focused on rules for congregating outside the venue. The company said it wouldn't host events at the club until the revisions were established.

Trump Supporter Coughs At BLM Protesters

On Saturday, Black Lives Matter protesters were at a service station when things got rough. Robert Brisette, who identified himself and asked the protesters to find him on Facebook, coughed on the protesters.

In the video Brisette can be heard saying "Black lives don't matter, all lives matter." A woman protester who was coughed at hit Brisette in the face but Brisette kept coughing.

Brisette has since confirmed on Facebook that it was him on the video and he was attacked at the gas station "because I had my Trump flag on my truck." It is unclear whether he faces charges.

California Megachurch Leader Say Masks Are 'Worthless'

A video recently shared on Instagram shows an evangelical church leader Beni Johnson claiming face masks are "worthless."

The video has since been deleted but all eyes are on Redding, California's Bethel Church after officials revealed that 274 students at the church's supernatural ministry had tested positive for COVID-19.

Johnson is an official at the church and in the video she said there is "way too much security in a freaking mask that doesn't even work."

Bethel Church has around 11,000 members and a college affiliated to the religious group has reported almost 300 confirmed virus cases. Last week 137 confirmed infections were linked to the ministry.

Another pastor associated with Bethel Church, Sean Feucht, has been criticized by health officials as he held rallies in the state and other states across the country.