Kengan Omega Chapter 82 is about to be out, promising an intense turn of events following the previous chapter's major cliffhanger. As one great battle is about to begin, Naidan will surely be up for it.

Hikaru lost the fight in Chapter 81. Nicolas Le Banner believed what happened was a shame and it should never occur again. Fie asked if he was indeed a good guy, while Jurota advised him to focus on his next fight.

Lui said he was ready for a battle after Lolong Donaire asked who would go to the next fight. With his confidence, he promised to change everythingVideo Tape News noted.

Naidan took Lui's position, and the two started to argue. However, Naidan managed to outsmart Lui and headed to the ring.

The Hawk of Ordos Naidan Monkhabt and Kazuo eyed Naidan and announced his coming. Oham commended Naidan for looking quite strong, seeing his potential to make a change.

Kazuo then asked about his outfit, which was a Mongolian wrestling uniform. From here, the Giant Naidan entered the ring and waited for the battle to start.

As Okobo noticed that grappling was Naidan's outstanding ability, he believed the fight would be perfect. After a long wait, the Dragon King Goah Ryuki was revealed to be his opponent.

Ryuki told Naidan not to destroy the Dragon, as they still needed to question him in Kengan Omega Chapter 82. As Naidan seemed not to heed with what he said, he warned he could try to kill the Dragon and Ryuki was just like him.

Things are getting pretty intense in Kengan Omega Chapter 82. The anime series has been introducing a number of new characters, but it cannot be denied that some of its superstars still need more spotlight.

As the story continues, according to CBR, fans need to see more of Banda Yohei, the weirdest fighters in the KAT; Kuroki Gensai, one of the most powerful fighters in the group; and Imai Cosmo, the King of Stranglers. Also, fans should watch out for Hassad, or a.k.a. the Arabian Whirlwind, and Muteba Gizenga, who may end up killing his opponent if not controlled.

Kengan Omega Chapter 82 is set to be out on Thursday, October 22. It can be seen on Manga One magazine, which publishes the manga series' latest chapters. So, in support of the manga creators and artists, it is strongly recommended to buy their official publications.