Reports surface about some customers who ordered Apple iPhone 12 cases and received defective ones that do not have speaker holes.

Two different threads on Reddit recently exploded with the report of at least two customers receiving Apple iPhone 12 cases with only a hole for the charger but without any speaker holes in them. While this does not stop the iPhone from playing supported media, the hole-less speakers did obscure the sound. The complaint posted by the customers who received the cases without speaker holes is now one of the hot topics on Reddit.

According to one of the customers who received Apple iPhone 12 cases without holes, he purchased the case online from an Apple store and received the case only recently. He said he was surprised to find that the only hole at the bottom of the case is the one reserved for iPhone's wired charger.

The customer narrated on Reddit that he decided to contact Apple support and ask about the defective iPhone 12 case which does not speaker holes in them but was told by an Apple advisor that the case does not really have speaker holes. This proved incorrect as others commented on the customer's Reddit post that the iPhone 12 cases do have speaker holes.

  Another customer who also received a defective iPhone 12 case with no speaker holes uploaded a video showing several angles of the defective case he received. Some Reddit users commented that customers who received such cases can get a replacement case from Apple. All they need to do is to contact the support staff of Apple or pay a visit to a retail store location near them.

It is not clear how widespread is the problem about defective iPhone 12 cases with no speaker holes as many customers who also ordered iPhone 12 cases received theirs with both holes for the wired charger and speakers. In the case of the iPhone 12 cases with no speaker holes, many opine this is a clear example of a likely manufacturing defect.

According to an authoritative news resource on Apple devices, iMore, it has received and verified information that the MagSafe Silicone cases for the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have cutouts at the bottom for speakers and wired chargers. They advised customers who received defective iPhone 12 cases with no speaker holes to contact Apple support and have the cases exchanged with the right one. If you are among those who received defective iPhone 12 cases, you can contact 1-800-275-2273 if you are in the US or 1-800-263-3394 if you are in Canada. For those living elsewhere, you can visit the Apple support page and check the contact number of the Apple support team in your area.