Tech experts say that the iPhone 12 Pro Gold stainless steel frame version appears more fingerprint-resistant as compared to other types in the new iPhone 12 family.

Barely two weeks have passed since the release of Apple's new iPhone 12 series and already, several reviews of the device from its software and hardware features to the smallest aesthetic detail like its stainless steel frame, appeared online. One of the more interesting reviews in this area is the one claiming that the Gold stainless steel frame version of the iPhone 12 Pro is more fingerprint-resistant compared to other iPhone 12 colors.

TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino examined iPhone 12 Pro models of varying frame colors and found that the Gold stainless steel frame version seems more resistant to fingerprint marks than other models. Panzarino attributed this fingerprint-resistance capability to the type of coating applied by Apple engineers to the stainless steel frame of the smartphone.


Panzarino wrote in his review that most of the finishes used on the iPhone 12 Pro use the physical vapor deposition method for edge coating. However, rumors indicate that the new iPhone 12 Pro with Gold stainless steel frame uses a special and different high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) process which applies the coating in a highly dense pattern, resulting in a tough and super bright finish with a special molecular structure that imitates the stainless steel under it. The special finish makes tougher than "standard" PVD, and also makes it more resistant to fingerprint marks.

According to Panzarino, the tough coating on the iPhone 12 Pro with the Gold stainless steel frame makes the edges easier to wipe clean and at the same time makes it resistant to fingerprint marks. In contrast, the blue model is found to be more prone to fingerprint marks. The tech expert also said the coating on the Gold version of the iPhone makes the device slightly less prone to nicks, scratches, or other wear and tear effects.

Although the information about the type of coating and process mentioned in the review may have come from Apple, it appears that all of the reviewers were also given the Pacific Blue version of the iPhone 12 Pro. They were also provided the Gold stainless steel frame version of the device, which Panzarino found to be more resistant to fingerprint marks. At this point, only a few reviews regarding the iPhone 12 Pro exists, but when more customers start to receive them, you can expect to see more customer feedback as to the software, hardware, and aesthetics of the new iPhone. According to reports, customers may start receiving their new iPhone 12 orders starting this Friday.