The much-awaited Tesla Full Self-Driving mode beta is now available to some customers this week who showed off how the system functions on roads, but along with this insane features, Musk confirmed that an FSD upgrade could be costly but would be available for monthly rental.

On Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared that the Full Self-Driving beta is out but on a limited release. Musk also confirmed that the price of FSD, whether new or upgrade, could increase by roughly $2000 starting Oct 26. In another tweet, however, Musk clarified that the price change is now pushed to Oct 29.

Additionally, the executive mentioned that the price applies to the U.S. Tesla owners at the moment. The price increase will soon apply to other countries as the FSD releases in various regions. The executive also mentioned that monthly rental for Tesla Full Self-Driving would be available sometime in 2021.

Tesla Full Self-Driving software, once fully deployed, could be a significant source of revenue, says Hindustan Times. Tesla electric vehicle owners paid $8,000 to receive the software upgrade eventually. The electric vehicle maker reported $48 million of Full Self-Driving deferred revenue.

It is worth mentioning that Tesla has a different definition of a fully self-driving car. Elon Musk described Tesla Full Self-Driving cars as "able to be autonomous but requiring supervision and intervention at times." The Tesla new FSD system is an upgrade from the company's early research and experiments in autonomy under its Autopilot package.

The features of the recently released beta include Summon and Navigate on Autopilot. It is a system that steers the vehicle from highway on-ramp to off-ramp, including changing lanes. For now, the Tesla Full Self-Driving system is only available to owners who are in the early access beta-testing program of the company.

Elon Musk earlier said that he anticipates a wide release of the Tesla Full Self-Driving mode before the year ends. The primary risk about this new system is that users will ignore warnings and misuse the software to document themselves performing crazy and dangerous stunts. The electric vehicle maker said that Autopilot must only be used by attentive drivers with both hands on the steering wheel.

Also, the features that the Tesla Full Self-Driving introduces is not at all foolproof. There have been several recorded incidents in the past where Tesla drivers engaged Autopilot and crashed their cars or, worse, died.