The Curse of the Oak Island season 8 is expected to be delayed on History due to the current global health crisis. But, there is no need to worry now as the network officially confirmed the release date of the latest installment. The series is returning next month, with a premiere titled "Remote Control."

According to the synopsis, the first episode of The Curse of the Oak Island season 8 sees brothers Rick and Marty Lagina coming back to Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada, in the midst of the pandemic. They have come prepared now that they have evidence of possible tunnels leading to the "Money Pitt."

Rick, Marty, and their team believe that they have the right tools to solve the 225-year-old Oak Island mystery once and for all. The upcoming installment is said to be the biggest for the series so far, given that they proceed with their so-call project "Big Dig."

The swamp would be the major focus of the excavation in The Curse of the Oak Island season 8. The team will try to uncover a newly found structure, as well as why the bog was artificially modified or made as much as 800 years ago.

The Lagina brothers and team prepare for the operation they've been working on since they took over the island decades ago: the "the 'Big Dig' in the Money Pit". They're hoping to be successful in discovering the secretive treasures buried hundreds of years ago.

In season 7, the team agreed not to use can anymore and proceed with Big Dig. Rick and Marty are seemingly getting closer to unearthing the Money Pitt now, especially since they'll be using new technologies and strategies in The Curse of the Oak Island season 8.

In their previous attempts, the Laginas only reached a certain distance using a can. This time, they're planning to dig farther than 50 feet deep down by using sonic core drilling and strategic dives. They believed that the money was moved far down due to several reasons, such as floods and landslides.

Reportedly, the hunt has been going for more than 200 years now and none of the explorers and treasure hunters found the Money Pitt. The latest expedition of the Laginas could change history if ever they finally find the treasures.

Until now, it is unknown as to who buried the treasures on the island. But, some theories suggest that it was left by Scottish sailor, Captain Kidd. Others believed that the valuables were from a pirate-owned ship that sunk many years ago.

The Curse of the Oak Island season 8 will premiere on Tuesday, Nov. 10, on History.