Princess Anne's decision not to have royal titles for her kids Peter and Zara was the right choice as more younger members of the royal family are rejecting the titles as well.

Constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne said that Princess Anne made the most sensible decision and was ahead of her time when she didn't sign on to make Peter and Zara a prince and princess. Her two kids, who are now in their 40s, were Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's first grandson and granddaughter but they have been raised as normal kids, sans the benefits of a royal title.

MacMarthanne said that having a royal title is more of a hindrance. A titled royal, while more privileged, experience more limitations because their titles bound them to their heavily scrutinized royal life.

Princess Anne's precedent, as someone from the sovereign's line, paved the way for her brother, Prince Edward, and nephew, Prince Harry. The two royal men have also chosen to forego royal titles for their children so that they could grow up to have a more private life.

However, MacMarthanne said that once Prince Charles becomes the King of England after Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry's son, Archie Harrison, will automatically become a prince as he's in the direct line of the sovereign. The young royal will also inherit his father's title as the Duke of Sussex.

But it will be up to Archie to use his royal title or not once he becomes an adult. As it is, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are trying to raise Archie away from the royal spotlight since they live in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Princess Anne might be Queen Elizabeth's only daughter and is considered a senior royal. However, she doesn't have a claim to the throne because of a traditional rule in the British royal family.

Before 2013, the royal line of succession gives precedence to male heirs so Princess Anne's spot will be pushed further if those before her have more children. Currently, the Princess Royal is the 14th in line to the throne but she will drop one spot when Princess Eugenie gives birth by early 2021.

Since Princess Eugenie is the daughter of Prince Andrew, then her child will be ahead of the line to Princess Anne. Prince Andrew might be younger to Princess Anne but since he's the male heir, his line will always precede the Princess Royal's line. Queen Elizabeth changed this rule only in 2013 and it's not retroactive.