Kingdom Chapter 659 spoilers are now out, teasing what will happen in the Chu, to the Qin, Man'U, and more. Here, the traitor that betrayed Man'U will be revealed, and it may focus on his fight with Moubu.

In Kingdom Chapter 659, Tou will control the Chu and replace its flag with Qin's banner. Mouki and GHM will ask their troops to tell everyone about the news when they see it.

As the news spread fast, Chu soldiers find it hard to believe the truth until they see it. Their flag is gone and they also lost their strength, BlockToro noted.

The joined forces of Wei and Qin armies manage to take the troops of Juuko down. GHM and Tou never let their guards down with the presence of the three generals.

Genu decides to withdraw, although the soldiers assure they can continue fighting. Kouyoku and Hakurei are puzzled by his decision, although they seem to understand his action.

In addition, the traitor that betrayed Man'U in the past will finally be introduced. Kingdom Chapter 659 will feature the battle between Man'U and Moubu.

This fight is said to change the fate of the entire war. Moubu and Shoheikun's foreshadowing of Man'U and Kanmiei will clear things out.

The Juuko and Chu army have faced each other numerous times in the past and there will be a lot of familiar faces that will be seen on both sides. Tou looks very dangerous here, so he may take a shot at any enemy that will come his way.

Later in Kingdom Chapter 659, Man'U will experience some flashbacks that reveal he returns to his city victorious only to find out the traitor opens the Chu army's gates. So, who is this traitor?

This betrayer is said to be the important Chu general Kanmei. Man'U seems to be assured that he is weaker than Kanmei, although they have yet to face each other in a fight.

Does this mean they have known each other in the past? In Kingdom Chapter 659 flashbacks, Kanmei gave up Juuko to be part of the Chu military after realizing they already outnumbered them.

As Man'U seems to want to take his revenge, he may finally face Kanmei in a fight. With the betrayal, this battle will surely be interesting. Kingdom Chapter 659 is set to be out on Saturday, October 31.

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