One Piece Chapter 994's, titled "My Other Name is Yamato," leaks and spoilers are now circulating online and teasing a lot of things happening. Among many other storylines, Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague is about to spread a threatening illness that the Straw Hat Pirates doctor Tony Tony Chopper will try to resolve.

A Reddit user dropped major spoilers about the coming One Piece Chapter 994. The new installment is about to feature many exciting scenes, including how Chopper will bring the Ice One virus that the Queen created.

Queen started firing special bullets, called Plague Rounds Ice Oni, at the banquet hall while chasing Drake Pirates captain X Drake. Not minding who will get hit, the poor victims turn into zombies.

After they transform, they start biting everyone in their way that further spread the plague. Knowing what will happen next, the Queen asks her people to close every tower's doors.

Thankfully, Oni knows how to remove the virus to bring the casualties back to their real personalities again. Chopper believes he has the antibody that can stop the contagion spread, especially if fellow Beast Pirates members get infected.

On the other hand, Queen wants to save her own people by giving the On Air Pirates captain Scratchmen Apoo an antibody if an Ice Oni chases him. This way, he can also be ready for a possible attack.

Elsewhere, Kaido will be seen transforming into his human form and will talk about death as the "completion of a man" in One Piece chapter 994, International Business Times noted. Also, it will feature Yamato and Momonusuke, as the title suggests. Here, Yamato will protect Momonosuke from the attacks.

BlockToro compiled other events that will happen in the upcoming chapter. Kinemon will use his foxfire style to stop Kiku's bleeding. Previously, Kaido's wind scythe powers managed to cut Kiku's arm in just a single blow.

Luffy, Sanji, Jinbei will also run into more Headlines, bearing giraffe and chicken smiles. Yamato will beat up a "Sasaki underling."

Momo will ask Yamato about his father's name that he says before, which is "my other name is Yamato." One Piece Chapter 994 is set to be out on Monday, November 2. Fortunately, it doesn't go on another break this time.

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