My Hero Academia Chapter 289 is just around the corner and it may focus mostly on Best Jeanist. The Fiber Hero makes it alive despite being badly injured. Now that he's okay, he will do everything to restrain Gigantomachia and not let him reunite with the League of the Villains.

According to Devdiscourse, fans may see Jeanist binding Gigantomachia with his carbon-fiber cables in My Hero Academia Chapter 289. When the sedative starts taking effect, the monsters will eventually shrink and collapse.

Jeanist will prove how heroic he can be in the upcoming installment. Here, he may sacrifice his life to stop Gigantomachia. However, All For One's faithful servant may still help the League of Villains to rescue Shigaraki.

Despite the heroes' efforts, Gigantomachia and Shigaraki may still end up meeting each other. But, the League of Villians' leader is still suffering the blows he got from Deku, EconoTimes noted.

Shigaraki has yet to recover from his battle with Deku. So, fans will see him still recovering in My Hero Academia Chapter 289.

With his condition, the heroes will still have the chance to attack before Gigantomachia arrives and Shigaraki regains his full strength. Anyhow, it remains to be seen if the heroes can make it and prevent the villains from reuniting.

Elsewhere, My Hero Academia Chapter 289 may also reveal the Hero name of Katsuki Bakugo, per BlockToro. Also known as Kacchan, he is the deuteragonist of the manga series next to Deku.

Almost 300 chapters after My Hero Academia launched, his hero name is yet to be revealed. There are theories his hero name may be Boom or Bomb due to the nature of his quirk. However, it is also possible that his hero name can be Ground Zero after Kohei Horikoshi used the said name in the past concepts.

Of course, the battle between Uraraka and Toga will continue in My Hero Academia Chapter 289. Their fight may take place in an enclosed location and Uraraka may take advantage of her knowledge about Gunhead Martial Arts, which she can use against her enemies in small spaces.

Her zero gravity quirk pose may also come in handy in this fight. This will make Uraraka more powerful and dangerous against anyone who will come her way. My Hero Academia Chapter 289 is set to be out on Sunday, November 1.

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