Assassin's Creed will be turned into a live-action series. This is a big treat to the fans of the popular video game, which is now in development on Netflix. Only a few details were known about it, and here's what we know so far.

Deadline reported that Ubisoft and Netflix made a deal, with the latter planning to develop anime series, as well as live-action shows - including Assassin's Creed. In a statement, the streaming service's executive Peter Friedlander said they teamed up with the company.

Friedlander noted that Netflix partnered with Ubisoft to bring the video game to life. He added that they're committed to creating epic and thrilling entertainment. However, since the project is in early development, the official release date remains unknown at the moment.

Also, the current global health crisis could impact the production of the live-action series. A lot of shows have been delayed and new projects have been pushed back. More works are needed to be done for the new program and it looks like it won't be arriving soon on the platform.

Meanwhile, it's too early to tell what would be the story of the Assassin's Creed series. But, the video game chronicles the rivalry between two secret societies: the Knights Templar and the Assassins. The former wants to get hold of Piece of Eden, while the latter tries to stop them.

The Assassins could enter the minds of their ancestors as they complete their missions and battle against their foes. The live-action series will possibly use this as the basis of the mythology and will mix other elements to make more rooms for the story.

There is no casting announcement right now since the project is in its early phase. However, Ubisoft's Danielle Kreinik and Jason Altman will, reportedly, serve as the executive producers. The latter said they're looking forward to "developing the next saga in the Assassin's Creed universe."

Considering the success of Netflix's The Witcher, -- based on the video game and Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski - the new series could attract some big names, as well. It can be noted that the video game was turned into a movie starring Jeremy Irons, Marion Cotillard, and Michael Fassbender in 2016.

But then, the film didn't, reportedly, perform well. Now, there are high hopes for the new series as fans believe Netflix creates strong and compelling content in the sci-fi and fantasy genre. And since Assassin's Creed has just been announced, there is no trailer for now. We will update fans when more details are available.