Prince William and Kate Middleton showed their kind hearts towards Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway after they learned that she's still coping with the nightmare of COVID-19 in her family.

Garraway revealed to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that her husband, Derek Draper, is still seriously battling the virus at the hospital for months. Prince William and Kate listened intently to the TV presenter as she talked about how the coronavirus is affecting her and her teenage children, who cannot visit their father.

Prince William said that he and Kate would want to give Garraway a hug if it did not violate social distancing protocols. The Cambridges were with the TV host in-person because they were going to record a clip for the Pride of Britain Awards that will honor the frontline heroes.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Garraway also had a socially-distanced gathering with six workers from the St Bartholomew's Hospital, the oldest medical facility in London. Apart from discussing their experiences during the pandemic, the royal pair also commended the hospital staff for their selfless commitment to help other people.

According to People, thousands of Britons wanted Pride of Britain to recognize the frontliners. At the start of the pandemic in March, Prince William and Kate were already honoring the emergency services staff and key workers of the public health service agency, NHS.

But Kate also made it a point to ask the medical heroes about their personal life. She had a conversation with Martha Sarpong, a support nurse, about handling homeschooling while deployed at the hospital. Sarpong said that she is fortunate to have a husband who's actually a teacher, who guided their three children.

Physiotherapist Charlotte Greenfield, on the other hand, shared that she discussed the different branches of her work and was surprised to see Prince William so interested in what she said. Greenfield was thrilled at the chance to educate a royal, albeit briefly.

Meanwhile, royal fans could not help but remark that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge coordinated their outfits for the Pride of Britain Awards presentation. According to Hello, Prince William and Kate wore blue suits and light blue tops to denote the color of the NHS. Kate's top also had rainbow prints, which became the symbol for support for the NHS.