Multiple European countries have recently become coronavirus hot spots, prompting governments to re-implement stricter COVID-19 restrictions as a means of controlling the surge in cases.

Traffic Jams In Paris As Thousands Flee

Thursday evening saw thousands of people in Paris trying to flee the city ahead of the French government's new lockdown order.

In photos posted on social media, widespread traffic jams were seen across the city. Supermarkets were also emptied as panic-buying was displayed for the second time in the French capital.

People also thronged the Gare de Lyon as they rushed to get home to the country, while others opted to spend their last night of freedom in the company of friends and loved ones at bars.

France's second national lockdown is expected to last until at least Dec. 1. The country has logged over 1.2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 35,000 deaths as of Thursday.

Germany Cases Hit Record-High In Daily Cases

On Friday, the Robert Koch Institute reported a daily increase of 18,681 new confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany, marking the highest surge in daily infections in the country since the pandemic started.

Due to the new cases, the country has passed the 500,000-mark in confirmed COVID-19 infections.

Like France, Germany is also set to see stricter anti-coronavirus measures for the next four weeks but the latter will not go into a national lockdown.

Germany's restrictions are similar to a national lockdown as restaurants, bars, and huge venues will be closed for at least a month starting Monday. Cultural and sports events will also be banned.

London Headed For Tier-3 Lockdown

Some experts are expecting London to enter Tier 3 of the British government's tiered lockdown system as cases soar in the English capital.

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to stand by his tiered lockdown system, some government officials are pushing for a national lockdown before Christmas to prevent super-spreading events.

Tensions have been on the rise ever since Johnson started implementing the tiered system, with many analysts and officials stating that a national lockdown was necessary to get transmissions down, especially as the holiday season approaches.

The UK has reported over 960,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 45,000 deaths linked to the disease.

Belgian Hot Spot Asks Infected Nurses To Work

In Liege, Belgium, coronavirus-infected nurses have been asked to continue showing up to work even if they tested positive as the country's third largest city battles with a surge in COVID-19 cases.

As long as no symptoms are showing, health care workers in some Liege hospitals have been asked to work in a final bid to help relieve the overwhelmed health workforce.

While nurses are being plunged into "voluntarily" making a choice, doctors don't have to make the same tough decision as there is currently no shortage of doctors in Liege hospitals.

The need for even infected nurses to work further established the severity of Belgium's latest COVID-19 outbreaks. As of Thursday, the country has logged over 390,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 11,000 deaths.