Princess Diana's struggles with bulimia will be a crucial plot in The Crown season 4 and Netflix will reportedly put a warning at the start of the episodes with this storyline.

According to The Sun, The Crown season 4 will take a deep dive into the eating disorder of Princess Diana. There will be three episodes covering her bulimia, with star Emma Corrin acting out scenes where she's vomiting in the toilet.

An insider told the news outlet that the scenes are "potentially disturbing" to viewers. Thus, the streamer had to put the warning.

The Crown season 4 producers had experts on the set for these sensitive scenes. Members from BEAT, an eating disorder charity in the U.K., reportedly gave advice and guidance to the writers so that the story would be told carefully and in a non-glamorizing manner.

BEAT released a statement confirming that they were consulted by the producers of The Crown season 4. However, none of their representatives were actually on the set during Corrin's filming.

In 1995 during a tell-all interview on TV, Princess Diana confessed that she has bulimia. She admitted that her eating disorder developed because of her low self-esteem.

The Princess of Wales also said that her secret struggle was a symptom of her failing marriage to Prince Charles. She told Martin Bashir on Panorama that it was her cry for help but bulimia gave people the wrong signal and then people started labeling her as an unstable person.

Princess Diana's former chef Darren McGrady spoke about her condition in 2017 via Hello. He said that he did wonder why his employer kept asking him to prepare different kinds of food. He suspected that something was up but he wasn't a doctor or a psychologist to bring this up to Diana. McGrady said he also didn't understand what bulimia was at that time.

But at least two other disturbing moments will be played out in the show with Prince Charles' jealous rage over his more popular wife. A scene from The Crown teaser shows actor Josh O'Connor, who portrays the Prince of Wales, yelling at Corrin.

In the same interview with Bashir, Princess Diana said that a lot of jealousy sprung from her media attention. Apparently, it affected Prince Charles to see that his wife was more loved by the public when he is their future King.

Princess Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, said in the documentary Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved, that Prince Charles confronted his wife about this popularity. He could not understand why the people want to see her more than him when he is the blood prince.

At the same time, however, Diana was jealous of the relationship Charles kept with Camilla Parker Bowles. She knew about the affair early on and confronted them on separate occasions but their marriage completely fell apart in the early 1990s.

Netflix's The Crown season 4 will be released with 10 episodes on Nov. 15.