Tiffany Young sparked excitement when she hinted at a possible Girls' Generation comeback.

According to a report by All Kpop, Tiffany dropped the hint when she appeared as a guest for Jessi's segment Showterview.Tiffany was one of the featured guests for SBS's YouTube show Mobidic where she talked about her Girls Generation co-members.

Tiffany said that she regularly met up with the members even though they do not have any group projects scheduled. Yuri recently shared a snap where she, Taeyeon, and YoonA attended the intimate wedding of TVXQ's Changmin.

She said that the members are always thinking about promoting again and are looking for the right timing to reunite on stage.

The singer said that the girls wanted to find the perfect time for the reunion because they do not want to be meaningless. She said though, that they are in no rush to come out with a new album because each member is taking their journey for growth.Tiffany's statement sparked excitement with the fans who are long awaiting a comeback from the Girls' generation or SNSD.At the peak of their popularity, the iodol group was known as the nation's girl group.

It can be recalled that the last time the group made a comeback was in 2017 to celebrate a decade since they made their debut. They released the album Holiday Night which highlighted the singles 'Holiday" and "All Night."

The project amassed massive support from loyal fans all around the world. However, members continued to focus on individual projects after the comeback. In the same year, three members departed from SM Entertainment and signed with different labels, Billboard reported.

Recently, five members of the Girls' Generation renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment. YoonA, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sunny signed new contracts with the label, Soompi reported.

YoonA has been very active with her acting career, starring in a steady succession of dramas and films. She currently signed on to appear in Hush, a series about a veteran reporter who is caught between idealism and pragmatism.

Taeyeon is set to release her latest Japanese album #GirlsSpkOut, which chronicles the sadness and the challenges that each person has to face every day of their lives. The EP promises to inspire fans with its positive message to look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Hyoyeon continues with her DJ activities and also released a new song "Dessert" under the monicker DJ Hyo. Yuri and Sunny are also involved in different projects. With Tiffany's recent statement, hope remains high that a reunion could happen because of the members' continued closeness.