The 2021 refresh of the Tesla Model 3 is now available and a buyer from Utah in the United States shared his experience with the brand new EV. Earlier reports indicated the all-electric sedan will roll out boasting of notable feature upgrades inside and out, which the new Tesla car owner confirmed as true.

David Narayan shared on social media that he got his Model 3 earlier than expected. Tesla informed the buyer that his order will not be delivered until the middle of December but for some reason, the delivery time was advanced.

According to Narayan, he got the call from the automaker a few days back that his Model 3 was ready for pick up. No specific reason was given for the earlier delivery but the new owner can presume that he was prioritized because the order was originally placed months ago.

Narayan drove home the 2021 Model 3 SR+ and he reported that the car has a new set of gorgeous Aero wheels as among the new features to be enjoyed.

In a report, Teslarati described the feature bump as "more attractive than the original Aeros ... [and its] more straightforward design blends well with the Model 3's overall look."

And as already revealed by Tesla, the 2021 edition also came packed with an elegantly designed double-console, wireless charging, powered lift gate, and double-pane windows. Narayan also observed that the refreshed Model 3 proved to be a quiet driving experience.

Per the same report, the new driver was talking about the Joe Mode feature that minimizes the noise and sounds made inside of the Model, and adjusted to the owner's preference.

An interesting note from the new owner was the revelation that he could be the first in his area to get the Model 3 with the new upgrades, which should indicate that the 2021 refresh will arrive in the U.S. in a gradual phase. On this, reports from China and Europe suggested that the advertised changes for the new Model 3 have yet to be fully served.

In any case, the 2021 Model 3 is sure to impress in terms of efficiency as Electrek said in a recent report that the electric sedan will debut bearing a higher EPA rating. The Long Range variant, for instance, has been graded with a 134 MPGe, and that translates to achieving greater range with less energy capacity.

The improved EPA rating also means that the Tesla Model 3 is among the top dogs in the increasingly fierce EV competition. For would-be buyers, the advantages are best reflected in three key areas: more affordable charging cost, faster charging time, and increased driving range.

These benefits are part of the promise made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, that a Tesla buy will turn out to be a wise long-term investment for EV users.