The one upgrade that would-be buyers of the 2021 Tesla Model 3 should be happy about is the new battery pack, which Tesla confirmed is now of the 82kWh kind. The improvement comes with a new battery cell that packs more juice for a longer driving range and, hopefully, a faster charging time.

Panasonic supplied the technology for the battery pack and the maximum output jump is said to be 10%, thanks to the denser battery cell. The new pack still sports the same cell format deployed with the earlier Model 3 builds but tweaks applied somehow boosted the energy capacity.

The battery upgrade was confirmed by buyers who are scheduled to take deliveries of the refreshed Model 3 in the next few weeks. According to Electrek, Tesla sent out notices to these new owners and the documents revealed key specifications of the EVs.

It was indicated that the updated Model 3s for delivery in Europe will be rocking an 82kWh battery pack and there will be notable benefits to anticipate. The same servings are expected for new buyers in China and the United States.

The Model 3 Long Range, for instance, will see a range boost of 353 miles, and per the same report, the improvement was based on the higher EPA efficiency rating given recently to the bumped up electric sedan. The battery upgrade is welcome but it should be noted that Tesla opted not for the best of improvements at its disposal.

On that note, the promised benefits in charging capacity will only be proven when the new Model 3 starts rolling on the streets. If the real-world experience will reflect the supposedly impressive specs bumps then users will surely share their take.

Meanwhile, the signs are aplenty that Tesla is all geared up for the ramp delivery of the upgraded Model 3 in the coming weeks. This has been the case in California and Canada, where the freshly-built all-electric sedan was seen loaded up on delivery trucks, and in large numbers, Teslarati reported.

Also, assembled Model 3s were seen in Tesla's Fremont manufacturing facility and just days ago, reports from China showed the same scenario. Images of the EV parked in Shanghai were shared online and the vehicles are believed ready for the domestic market.

It was suggested too that Gigafactory Shanghai will temporarily supply the demands coming from Europe and the understanding is it will be the practice until the Gigafactory Berlin becomes operational. China will also meet Model 3 orders from Australia and other parts of Asia.

The bottom line: Tesla is again generating attention with the 2021 Model 3 and the advertised upgrades packed with the EV, already Tesla's most affordable offering, made it even more attractive.