The Crown Season 4 dropped on Netflix on November 15. Avid fans and watchers may stream the full installment as the platform released the ten episodes all at once. While this is good news for the audience, royal experts and commentators do not share the same enthusiasm over the show's new season.

The Daily Express reported that palace and royal insiders were "fiercely critical" of the material's depiction of the "key events" that happened between 1979 and 1990. They believe that the series paints the Cornwall couple in a "very unflattering light."

Other commentators, also, described the show as "two-dimensional." One even complained that it is a form of "trolling" but, with a "Hollywood budget."

The public should not believe that The Crown Season 4 is an "accurate portrayal" of the real-life events of the British Royal Family. Even the Duke of Cambridge did not, reportedly, find it pleasing.

Based on assertions, the royal-born Prince felt that the production "exploited" his parents. They seemingly thought that the series presented both Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, and even Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in a "false" way to make money.

Aside from the Duke of Cambridge, The Sun recalled that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are, also, reportedly, "unhappy" with The Crown Season 4 and its previous installments. Back in Season 2, the show implied that the Duke of Edinburgh had affairs outside his marriage. Not to mention, there was a scene in Season 3 when he appeared to ignore his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, inside Buckingham Palace. Many reports have since claimed that these are all "untrue."

In the newest installment, an episode, also, seemingly gave a nod to the "unproven conspiracy theory" that the royals had something to do with the Princess of Wales' death. The publication pointed out that this is the scene when Prince Philip's character threatened Prince Charles' wife after sharing her thoughts to leave her husband.

The Crown Season 4 centers on the events that happened in the 80s. Following the real events in the lives of the British Royals, the spotlight centers on Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage, as well as the former's affair with the then-Camilla Parker Bowles.

While the negative remarks about the Netflix show continue to develop, the Indian Express reported that the recently released installment is the best of the show yet. It has an overall 4.5-star rating for the fourth season, adding that the performances are all "uniformly great."