Following the resignation of Interim President Manuel Merino, after just five days of being in office, the Peruvian legislature has now chosen a new candidate to take his place.

Peru's Congress said that it has nominated Francisco Sagasti as the country's next interim president.

As protests continue in the country's capital, Peru's political stability is in question. The ousting of President Martín Vizcarra by legislators last week has caused nationwide anti-government demonstrations, which have already led to the deaths of two people.

Peru's Congress announced Monday that it had appointed Sagasti as its new head. This places him in line as the successor to the presidency following Merino's exit. The decision was made through a vote, with 97 lawmakers for Sagasti's appointment and 26 against.

The country's new interim president, the fourth in five years, is a former World Bank official and an engineer. The 76-year-old's appointment comes after days of continued demonstrations and civil unrest throughout the country.

The political crisis began Nov. 9 after Congress impeached former President Martin Vizcarra over "moral incapacity" grounds under a rarely used clause in the country's constitution. Vizcarra was also accused of corruption, a charge which he has repeatedly denied.

During his tenure, Vizcarra made political enemies due to his nationwide campaign to eradicate corruption. Several politicians and lawmakers were placed under investigation - most of which were charged with crimes such as money laundering and extortion.

After he was ousted, Congress nominated Merino to take over. Less than a week into his tenure, most of Merino's Cabinet members had quit as some in the government refused to recognize his authority.

Civil society groups, activists, and opposition parties have continued to protest the government's actions, with some claiming that Vizcarra's ouster was nothing more than a legislative coup.

As the protests escalated, reports of police brutality exacerbated the already tense situation. Two protesters were reportedly killed by police during one demonstration. Human rights groups said that dozens of protesters have been injured in clashes with government forces.