Charleston Lim

Charleston Lim
Charleston is a business news writer in Business Times. "A web developer and SEO expert by profession, but an aspiring writer and journalist at heart. My field of interest generally ranges from science, tech, gadgets, games, and software. I am always open to changing my perspective and am eternally hungry for knowledge. I like the fact that I still don't know a lot about how the world works, and I'm fine with that."

The Latest

  • Samsung Reports Earnings Growth Bolstered By Memory Chip Business
    Samsung Q1 Earnings
    Samsung, the first tech giant to report its Q1 earnings, recorded a growth in profits, bolstered by its strong memory chip sales.
  • Nissan To Lay Off 10,000 Workers In Mississippi And Tennessee Plants
    Nissan USA
    The majority of those that will be affected by the layoffs will be employees working at the company's plant in Canton, Mississippi and two other plants in Tennessee.
  • Exxon To Cut 30 Percent Off Spending Amid Global Oil Price Crisis
    Exxon Mobil
    After holding off on imposing spending cuts, Exxon has finally given in and announced that it will cut spending by $10 billion this year.
  • China Three Gorges Pushing Ahead With $3.5 Billion IPO In Shanghai
    China Three Gorges Group
    China Three Gorges' IPO will be the second-largest listing this year, right behind Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway's $4.3 billion listing back in January.
  • US Furniture Retailer Wayfair Reports Massive Surge In Sales
    Wayfair Share Prices
    Share prices of online retailer Wayfair surged by more than 37 percent after it reported a massive increase in sales over the past couple of months.
  • UK 5G Cell Towers Set On Fire Over Bogus Coronavirus-Related Claims
    UK 5G Network
    Perpetrators, who were tricked into believing a wild claim that 5G helps spread the coronavirus, attacked and vandalized at least 20 5G telecom towers in the UK.
  • PSA Group Secures Additional $3.3 Billion Loan To Bolster Finances
    PSA Group
    French automaker PSA Group revealed that it has secured $3.3 billion in new loans to help it better deal with the ongoing crisis.
  • Lenovo's LCFC Reports Record Production Numbers And Revenue Amid Pandemic
    LCFC Hefei Electronics Technology
    Lenovo's manufacturing unit LCFC Hefei Electronics Technology reported record production numbers and revenues for March as demand for its products continues to surge.
  • Credit Suisse Drops Out As Underwriter For WeDoctor's IPO
    Credit Suisse
    Credit Suisse has reportedly backed out as one of the sponsors for the $800 million Hong Kong IPO of the Tencent-backed health tech firm WeDoctor.
  • Zoom Share Prices Dip As Security Concerns Escalate
    The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Cairo
    Zoom's shares plummeted by 7.9 percent to $118.05 per share on Monday, making it one of the worst-performing firms on the NASDAQ.
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