Seven years after figuring in a skiing accident, the status of Michael Schumacher's health remains shrouded in secrecy. The 7-time racing champion has largely disappeared from the public eye and only his close family members and friends are given access, and among them is Jean Todt.

Todt and Schumacher worked together in Ferrari's Formula One team and it's no surprise that the former pays his friend a regular visit. According to the Frenchman, the last time he saw Schumacher the ace driver was in a comfortable condition. He added that the German is getting the best care available.

Todt revealed he sees Schumacher at least twice a month and while not in the best of health, the patient seemed aware of what's going on with the world. The 51-year-old is said to be monitoring the racing developments and is rooting for his son Mick to soon make his way to the Formula One circuit.

And if he is to be asked how exactly Schumacher is doing, the FIA chief has this definitive answer: "He keeps fighting."

"He has a very good environment and he is in a place that has adequate and comfortable furnishings and fittings," said the driving champ's former mentor, and per the report from Express.

Todt said that while fans of Schumacher are looking to get specific updates about the German's health, the best they can do now is to pray that "things get better" for the sportsman and his family.

In the same way, the former Ferrari boss is quite optimistic that the Schumacher junior will soon take on the same racing track that made his father famous. Todt is convinced that from F2, Mick will be competing in F1 by next year.

Essentially Sports reported that the younger Schumacher is indeed in a strong position to level up on his game, going by on the current drivers' standings. It's possible for Mick to win an F2 title in the ongoing season, and if that will be the case, he also earns a ticket to race against F1 drivers in 2021.

That's exactly the vision offered by Todt. The 74-year-old said another Schumacher in the Formula One world is something to be excited about.

"He will probably race in Formula 1 next year ... We are delighted to have a Schumacher at the highest level of motor racing again," predicted the Frenchman.

But even more exciting is the possibility that Mick would someday reach the same level that his father had achieved before retiring in 2013. That likely could happen a few years from now although Lewis Hamilton has just equaled Schumacher's seven F1 titles after conquering the Turkish Grand Prix last Sunday.