Tesla will soon realize its dream of a fleet of Robotaxis but in California, the Fremont Police Department is experimenting with the use of electric vehicles as patrol cars and perhaps set up a fleet in the future. The U.S. city's one-year testing has been completed and results returned led to an encouraging conclusion.

The pilot program proved to be a success and the Fremont Police reported that after more than a year of regular use in rigid police functions, the Tesla Model S turned out to be the better vehicle. The subject unit was identified as the 2014 Model S that was assembled in Tesla's Fremont factory.

The Fremont Police acquired the EV as a used car and was entered into service in March 2019. And the department reported that compared to the typical patrol vehicles supplied by Ford, the Model S emerged as the superior option.

Per the report from CBS, the Tesla EV as a police car required less maintenance and consumed an energy cost of just over $1,000. From the estimates furnished by the city authorities, the use of the Model S will lead to fuel savings of up to $4,000.

The Fremont Police added that since the Tesla vehicle demands upkeep at fewer intervals, the EV's lifespan is projected to be greatly extended. In contrast, the Ford police cars that are subjected to the normal use and abuse of police works are destined to last a maximum service of five years.

"After careful review, the Pilot Program was determined to be a success. The police patrol electric vehicle met the needs of police services," said the report released by the city government.

In light of the Model S's successful run as a police vehicle, the Fremont Police announced the acquisition of additional EVs to the patrol fleet. Already in the service are the Ford Explorer Hybrid SUV and the Tesla Model Y Crossover.

The latter has made a good impression so far and Fremont officials indicated that the Model Y won praises for boasting of greater driving range, larger storage capacity, and higher ground clearance. But the best part about the Tesla mini-SUV as a patrol car is its relative affordability.

The program carried out by Fremont authorities provided the solid details that when pitted against the conventional vehicles, the Tesla EV gives an option that is not necessarily cheaper but certainly more sustainable. According to Electrek, the test informed the city government that EVs will be kinder to the environment over the long term.

The Model S continues to the Fremont Police Department and one thing is clear: its zero-emission feature has been encouraging. It remains unknown, however, if the department has plans to gradually transition to all-electric in the future.