The Miami Heat is out to win the NBA title next season and judging from the performance displayed by the South Beach squad during the bubble games, they are among the favorites to frustrate the Los Angeles Lakers' repeat aspirations. To that end, the Heat is searching for star No. 3.

For the third force to join up with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, the Heat made no secret that they are in hot pursuit of Giannis Antetokounmpo. Now convincing the Milwaukee Bucks superstar to head south is not easy. For one he did commit to sticking it out with the Bucks until that NBA crown appears on the horizon.

And it's no secret too that other teams are courting the two-time league MVP so it will be stiff competition for Pat Riley's club. Then there's the report that Antetokounmpo is close to signing a max extension deal with his current organization.

Should that prove correct, Heat Nation reported that Riley will turn his attention to Sacramento King's rising talent - the 22-year-old De'Aaron Fox. The report picked up the information shared by Barry Jackson.

Per Jackson, Miami missing out on Antetokounmpo could be a blessing in disguise if Riley can close a deal on Fox. The young guard has an impressive run so far in the league and is widely considered as among the best player in his age cluster.

If the Kings will allow access to the Louisiana native, the Heat is poised to get a potentially explosive asset that is approaching an All-Star status. NBA observers see Fox as the future of the league. If Antetokounmpo will be a bigger star five years from now then Fox is deemed to secure a spot not too far from The Greek Freak.

In other words, Fox is a good catch that the Heat can easily shake off the frustration of not luring Antetokounmpo away from Milwaukee.

The Kings picked Tyrese Haliburton from the draft and Fadeaway World said it could be the opening for Miami. Sacramento might think that Haliburton will be the next big thing so it will be an open business as far as Fox is concerned.

If indeed the opportunity beckons, Riley will not regret giving Fox a shot. The same report stressed that the Heat can use an upgrade in the point guard and the Kings star, who has shown he is a dependable clutch player, is the perfect fit.

If he gets to join Miami, Fox will bring with him a solid physique, his top-notch playmaking skills, and the quickness that adds to his efficiency as the team's point man. The Heat should take note too that Fox can put up a robust defense and when needed, he can confidently sink that winning shot.