The iPhone 12 Mini is the subject of numerous speculations before its release but now that you see one up close, it prompts you to say you should have one.

The iPhone 12 mini is among those thoroughly discussed by both fans and critics even before its release. Apple's small phone has even become the subject of funny, yet scathing, reviews on various social media platforms to the point of ridicule. Now that it has finally arrived, many are changing their tunes and starting to ask themselves why they did not order one before.

While Apple designed the iPhone 12 mini for those who find it hard to get the regular iPhone 12s, its functionality is almost at par with the bigger members of its family. Apart from the absence of some apps and functionalities, Apple's small phone also has a great quality camera and durability like that of the standard iPhone 12s. Its size has even become a plus factor as some users are happy with the way the iPhone 12 mini fits into their pockets.

For users who are not very fond of big smartphones, the iPhone 12 mini is a boon. For them, Apple's small phone is the smartphone they have been waiting for in years. There were even some users who said that when they got themselves a Plus model of the iPhone, they returned it after a week and exchanged it for the standard version, which is an inch or so smaller compared to the Plus models.

Many users yearn for the new iPhone 12 because of its camera capabilities, durability, 5G network support, and many other new features. In fact, most of the reviews about the iPhone 12 flooding the Internet today focus on its camera capabilities. However, there are also iPhone owners whose main reason for getting an iPhone is for texting, jotting down notes, setting reminders, and making occasional phone calls. For them, a big phone is more of a setback as it does not allow them to swiftly pull or slip their huge phones into their pockets. With the iPhone 12 mini, however, it allows them to perform their routines and its compact size lets them easily slip the devices into their pockets.

Best of all, the iPhone 12 mini also has a great camera that allows you to take stunning photos and videos at any time of the day. While it may not have the advanced camera functions found on higher-end iPhone 12s, most of those who got the Apple's small phone are more than satisfied with the quality of their shots.

New iPhone 12 mini owners also like the fact that they can easily handle Apple's small phone with one hand. Its 5.4-inch OLED edge-to-edge display may not be a great option to watch a full-length movie or play games but since these owners primarily use their iPhones for some other things, the size is good enough for them.