"Call of Duty Mobile" Season 12 is now live, but the team behind the hit mobile shooter game nerfed some of the powerful weapons in the game. For players who want to dominate the current season, here are some top weapons that they could use to ace Season 12.


The HVK-30 is one of the most powerful assault rifles in "Call of Duty Mobile." Some players make it their top weapon, especially when they are after the time to kill. The HBK-30 features the most significant damage and fattest time to kill. Another impressive feature of this assault rifle is its almost nonexistent recoil. Truly a perfect weapon for players looking for an efficient weapon.

Fennec Akimbo

Fennec Akimbo is one of the weapons that most "Call of Duty Mobile" hates to go against. Some consider it as one of the best SMGs in the hit mobile shooter title. Players could fully utilize the potential of this weapon if they use it with the akimbo perk.

Another interesting feature about the Fennec Akimbo is its outstanding performance in both long and medium-range settings. However, it stands out from the rest when used in close-quarter combats. The only weapons that could counter Fennec Akimbo in close quarters are shotguns and HVK-30.


The Man-O-WarCardinal weapon is among the most dominating guns in both Season 10 and Season 11 of "Call of Duty Mobile." Surprisingly, the weapon is no longer performing at the level that it used to be. The introduction of new guns and the adjustments and tweaks in other weapons have somehow overshadowed the fame of Man-O-War-Cardinal in the game. Compared to other guns, the Man-O-War-Cardinal lacks mobility and a fast fire-rate. But, when compared to other assault rifles, it is among the best picks.


Chopper features a heavy handle and large ammo capacity, which provide players with a massive advantage over others. The huge ammo capacity enables players not to reload as frequently as they used to be with other weapons. It also allows players to miss some shots since there are lots of ammo to use in the cartridge. Chopper is an excellent weapon to use in close, medium and long-range. The gun allows players to check out the map even while scoping in.


For "Call of Duty Mobile" players looking for great ADS speed, fast reload time and mobility, the DR-H could be the best pick. It only takes around 310ms to kill an opponent who is within the player's 20 meters range. The DR-H is among the weapons in the game that has not received any adjustments in the previous season.