Gal Gadot continues to rise to her fame these past few years. After her stints on the Fast and Furious franchise and DC Extended Universe, she undoubtedly garnered success in her career.

As her popularity increasingly flourishes, many fans and followers have become eager to know more about her personal life. Based on the details she shared, the public learned that she has a "controversial" past because of her smoking vice, according to Cheat Sheet.

The publication said that the Wonder Woman star started her vice at a young age. She smoked in real life, as well as in front of the cameras, adding that she "enjoyed" it a lot.

But, Gal Gadot previously revealed that she had important reasons to quit the vice. Reports said that she wanted to become a "role model" for young women, especially after DCEU chose her to play the role of Wonder Woman.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actress admitted, though, the "true intentions" she had for quitting her smoking habits. She explained that she tries not to think about becoming a role model, and, instead, think about the "best version" of herself.

She noted, as well, that, apart from her, quitting the vice is, also, for her family and friends, especially her daughters. Gadot married Israeli real estate developer Yaron Versano after two years of dating in 2008. They now share two daughters, Maya and Alma.

The whole narrative is, indeed, inspiring, considering how difficult it is to quit smoking. However, it all became too controversial as many netizens think Gal Gadot is still into her vice.

Cheat Sheet, later on, explained that a photo of the actress and her husband went viral after InStyle featured it in one of their materials. While many fans and supporters focused on Versano's iconic shirt, touting his wife is "the" Wonder Woman, several Redditors immediately noticed that there is a cigarette pack in the photo, which sparked discussions on the platform.

Netizens pointed out that the yellow pack is the American Spirit cigarette. Some individuals even asserted that this brand is the "go-to" cigarette for most celebrities.

Online "detectives," also, emphasized how Gadot hides her hand behind her back. This, then, led many individuals to believe that she has returned to her old habits.

But, whether Gal Gadot is still smoking or not, the actress has remained tight-lipped about the matter. She has not entertained the talks and discussions on social media and online forum platforms.