Vin Diesel remains tight-lipped about his personal life. While he posts photos of his family from time to time, he rarely shares details about his partner and children.

As the actor's fame continues to rise, many individuals are seemingly intrigued and eager to learn more about his lifestyle. Gossip Cop recently released a report about the Guardians of the Galaxy star in an effort to unveil his life behind the cameras.

The publication said that Diesel is not married. But, he has Paloma Jiménez, the mother of his three children. Details of their relationship remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, some reports claimed that their romantic links emerged in 2007.

Cheat Sheet previously reported that Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez might have likely tied the knot already in the past. But, considering their value for privacy, no one could confirm whether they are already a husband and wife.

The publication revealed that Jiménez is a Mexican celebrity who obtained her success mostly in modeling. She has had several commercial campaigns for high-profile brands, including Honda, Coca Cola, and Pantene.

Alongside her ads and campaigns, she also has a handful of Mexican television shows. She is now 37-years-old, and about 16 years younger than the Fast and Furious actor.

Aside from the undisclosed details of their relationship status, no one knows, as well, how Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez met. However, the same publications pointed out that the former was dating his co-star Michelle Rodriguez before meeting his now-partner.

Some reports shared speculations that the couple possibly met in one of the previous star-studded events. Whatever the case, though, the only certain thing is that they are happy and peaceful with their lives behind closed doors, alongside their three children.

The Saving Private Ryan star once shared stories about his kids, though. In an interview with Mom back in 2014, he revealed some warm and touching details about fatherhood.

He recalled how much his two older kids, who were 6 and 3-years-old at that time, have loved trees, causing them to support his role as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy further. Vin Diesel said that they refer to trees as his "brothers and sisters," adding that it is "remarkable" and "more gratifying" to be associated with trees.

Despite all the silence and privacy, Diesel continues to update his fans and followers on social media. He usually shares photos of his kids, as well as Paloma Jiménez.

As for his career, it appears that he is currently working on new projects for next year. Cinema Blend recently shared speculations that the actor might be shooting and filming with his Guardians of the Galaxy co-stars for Marvel's upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.