Best Jeanist will be the Pro Heroes' last hope in My Hero Academia Chapter 292 after Dabi makes it looks like they are the villains. Dabi throws many accusations to the much-loved heroes, from naming Hawks as a killer to exposing Endeavor's secrets.

According to BlockToro, Best Jeanist will have a dramatic entrance in My Hero Academia Chapter 292, arriving on a helicopter. His arrival will instantly change everyone's point of view of the heroes, shutting down Dabi's claim that Hawks killed him.

Best Jeanist is about to expose Dabi's lies and will stop Gigantomachia with his cables. The monster will soon be put into a deep sleep due to the sedatives.

Devdiscourse noted the new chapter would also reveal more about Dabi and the real reason for his return with the League of Villains. He also claimed Endeavor is also an antagonist himself aside from Hawks.

The next installment will also unveil the people's reaction to Dabi's revelation that Hawks is a murderer. Everything will begin after Best Jeanist stops Dabi from attacking Endeavor.

Dabi happens to be Endeavor's long-lost son, Toya, but his child seems to be eager to kill him. Aside from killing his father, Dabi has also damaged his reputation as the No. 1 Pro Hero.

The storyline's focus will then shift to Dabi, Shoto, Gigantomachia, and Best Jeanist. Here, Shoto will be in deep trouble after he is the only one left unscathed, but Gigantomachia and other League of Villains members will then arrive.

In the previous chapter, Endeavor couldn't believe Dabi was Toya after seeing his son burning to death. He then told Dabi his child had died, but the latter called him dad and said he is still alive, per EconoTimes.

Dabi revealed he took a DNA test, which was airing on TV as they talked, by taking a sample of Enji's blood after his fight with Kyushu. The result showed a 99.9% match.

In a pre-recorded video, Dabi tainted Endeavor's image bad by narrating how he forced his wife to bear more children so that he could create an ultimate hero that could inherit his and Rei's powerful quirk.

After he succeeded in ruining Endeavor's reputation, Dabi then accused Hawks of murdering Best Jeanist and Twice. He was trying his best to paint the heroes badly, but it was later revealed that the video he recorded was manipulated to make the Pro-Heroes looked the real villains in the public's eyes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 292 is set to be out on Sunday, November 29, on Viz Media.

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