The Straw Hats Pirates are going to have their own scenes in One Piece Chapter 997. Everyone is working hard to help Luffy reach the top of the Onigashima dome to face Kaido, but there will be many struggles.

The pirates are once again divided as they face different enemies. Ulti and Page One almost killed Nami and Usopp, but Tama and Komachiyo saved them.

Zoro is still after Apoo to get the only antidote to cure the virus Queen spreads, while Robin and Law talk about the poneglyph. Lastly, Sanji and Jinbei clear Luffy's way to climb the top of the Onigashima dome, per BlockToro.

Also, Franky will face Sasaki in One Piece Chapter 997, promising to hold him off for Yamato. It will be an exciting sight to see Franky and Sasaki's fight as they both carry heavy armors and weapons. Franky will be in his Giant robot form, while Sasaki has an army of armored troops, teasing one great battle.

Meanwhile, Big Mom is also planning to go to the roof, but she has no plans to help Kaido but fight him. According to EconoTimes, she may betray her ally for some unknown reasons, which is why she saves her soul ability. Does this mean she is about to side with Luffy?

Elsewhere, Yamato holds a dragon type devil fruit, and fans may finally see it in the next chapter. Many have noticed Kaido's daughter has immense power.

With her strength, many believe she has a dragon type of devil fruit. In One Piece Chapter 997, the truth about Yamato's abilities may emerge. As she is about to face more enemies, it requires her to use overwhelming powers.

Yamato and Franky may also meet here for the first time, and they may end up working together. There are also predictions that Sanji and Zorro are about to face someone from the flying six or any of Kaido's people.

One Piece Chapter 997 is set to be out on Sunday, November 29. Luckily, the manga will not be in a break this week, and it has been three weeks since new chapters drop by schedule. If it continues, then there is a big chance that One Piece Chapter 1000 will be out before the year ends.

The new chapter's raw scans may start leaking online two days, which may fall on November 27, before its official release comes.

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