It could be giving them anxiety but Anthony Davis delaying the signing of an extension deal should be welcomed by Los Angeles Lakers fans. If the prediction offered by analysts is correct, AD is taking his time so the Lakers can form a superteam with Giannis Antetokounmpo on board.

Davis is believed set to return to Los Angeles next season and for obvious reasons. The power forward has just won a title with Purple & Gold and getting his second ring is the next logical step. He is fully aware that doing so is more plausible by staying with the Lakers.

However, the 27-year-old is in a waiting mode because he is forward-looking at the same time. Already, LeBron James' close collaborator is setting the stage for the Lakers to bring Antetokounmpo to Los Angeles, and that could happen next summer.

According to Lakers Daily, such is the scenario proposed by Brian Windhorst of ESPN. The journalist said it's quite possible that the delay in Davis' deal with the Lakers could lead to a short-term contract for next season.

Then Davis and James will opt out when the campaign ends and work in tandem to lure Antetokounmpo away from the Milwaukee Bucks. By next year and when the NBA comes to the season break, The Greek Freak will enter free agency and the two superstars will do the work of forming a Lakers superteam.

But the whole waiting game will depend on the move that Antetokounmpo will make in the coming days. A supermax is waiting for him but the 25-year-old declining the millions that the Bucks will offer will make it easier for the plan that AD and James have in mind.

As noted by Fadeaway World, if Antetokounmpo will ignore the extension proposal from Milwaukee, his deal will run out in 2021 and he will become an unrestricted free agent. If that will be the case, the situation will be favorable to the long-term playing in the minds of Davis and James.

To be sure, the plan makes sense as Davis, should he opt to stay in Los Angeles for the years to come, is the future of the Lakers. Soon, The King will leave his throne but the Lakers dynasty will continue with AD on the lead.

It will be even more preferable if Antetokounmpo, who is the reigning MVP, will come into play. Should that happen, James will leave the game convinced that the Lakers will continue on their title run for the years to come.

The plan may be too forward-looking but betting on Antetokounmpo and Davis as the future of the team is a wise move for the Lakers. The two superstars are sure to dominate the league and it's hard to imagine how the Lakers can be stopped with the players on their side.