Apple is set to shut down its App Store Connect starting Dec 23 to Dec 27, preventing developers from submitting new apps or updates during that period.

Apple released the App Store Connect holiday schedule on Monday stating that it will implement the annual shutdown of the service from Dec 23 to Dec 27, and at the same time, warning app developers there will be a partial interruption of the company's service at least for a couple of days. The App Store Connect holiday is an annual tradition where the service shuts down and bars developers from uploading or updating apps over the holidays.

For this year, Apple's App Store Connect shutdown will commence on December 23 and will stay in place until December 27. During this time, the service will not receive any submissions made by developers, whether for new apps or even updates of such apps. The announcement already serves as a warning to developers to make sure they will have enough time to schedule, submit, and have their releases approved ahead of the shutdown period. If developers fail to do so, they would have to wait until after December 27 to submit new apps or upload updates.


The Cupertino-based tech giant clarified, however, that although the December 23 to December 27 downtime schedule affects the submission of new apps or updates, the shutdown is not total as other sections of the App Store Connect will remain open. Apple also said that the account features of developers will continue to be accessible like before.

Apple did not elaborate on why its App Store Connect needs to stop taking submissions annually. Some say, however, that the decision of the Cupertino giant as regards the scheduled Dec 23 to Dec 27 shutdown is most likely due to the volume of apps that are stored in the App Store, as well as the number of apps regularly submitted, and more so during the holidays. Rumors say that it is likely that the scheduled shutdown is for the company to give its staff and related teams some time off during the holidays.

The warning that Apple issued for developers about its impending App Store Connect downtime from December 23 to December 27 serves also as a heads-up for them to get their apps in order ahead of a time when App Store usage normally increases. Holiday presents consisting of iPads and iPhones are typically common during this period, which means that the company can expect a flood of new users and downloads at this time of the year. As the Cupertino tech giant itself said, "The busiest season on the App Store is almost here."