Chelsea FC fans are awaiting word on the state of Christian Pulisic and it appears that there is good news. The word going around is that the 22-year-old winger is making progress and there is a chance that he could play this coming weekend against Tottenham Hotspur.

Blues manager Frank Lampard gave an update on the condition of the United States Men’s National Team star who is dealing with another hamstring injury. Pulisic sustained it as he was warming up for a match against Burnley last Oct. 31.

Lampard says that Pulisic’s recovery has gone well and that he is now showing some aggression. If he stays the course, he could be back in action when the Blues face Rennes this Sunday at 11:30 a.m. E.T., NBC Sports reported.


“Pulisic stays back and doesn’t travel, but the good news is that he has had some aggression in and he will do some physical work. Hopefully, he will be in contention at the weekend,” Lampard said.

This should be welcome news to Blues’ fans who have been aching to see Pulisic back in action. Seeing however that he is coming off yet another injury, the 22-year-old American could be coming off the bench for Chelsea.

This means that Lampard will continue to rely on his current frontline. That includes Tammy Abraham, Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech. Chelsea is not short of talent so there is no need to rush Pulisic back into active duty.

Pulisic continues to deal with muscle-related injuries but such has not been a concern for Lampard. He knows the American’s history of injuries and continues to keep the faith in Pulisic. He believes that it all boils down to finding the right balance between being on and off the field for the 22-year-old footballer.

"He's a young player still. It's not abnormal and we will find a solution. I don't want to make more of it than it is because we want as many games out of Christian as we can possibly get because of his ability,” Lampard said.

Whether Pulisic plays or not, the clash with the Spurs carries dire implications. Chelsea is a point behind Tottenham, meaning the Blues are expected to go all out to earn a win.

Abraham, Werner and Ziyech should suffice but fielding in Pulisic will be monitored. It all depends on Lampard if he sees the right opportunity to field in the 22-year-old winger.