Pau Gasol is elated that his younger brother, Marc Gasol, has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. This means that he and his brother become one of few siblings ever to play for the same team but in different eras.

However, there could be a chance that the elder Gasol may end up possibly playing one (and final) season with the purple and gold. He recently put up some impressive workout videos and another tweet egging him to play one more season with Los Angeles and then calling it a career. That thought alone would be sweet.

Among the brothers who played for the same team simultaneously include the Lopez brothers. Both suited up for the Milwaukee Bucks last season although that pairing did not produce an NBA title.There is also the Morris twins, Markieff and Marcus stint with the Phoenix Suns from 2013 to 2016.

For Pau and Marc Gasol, both already have an NBA title across their name. Pau Gasol won a couple of them in 2009 and 2010 while Marc Gasol won his only one in 2019 with the Toronto Raptors.


As far as Marc Gasol, he gets the chance to win another win this 2020-21 season if the Lakers can go all the way and win back-to-back titles. The idea alone should make it to the NBA record books as the only brothers who have won NBA titles with the same team but on different occasions. Further, the Gasol brothers would have two NBA titles to show.

Although he is already 40, the Lakers could add a bit of spice to their 2020-21 campaign. Signing Pau Gasol to a one-year and minimum deal could make the run sweeter. It would mark the first time that brothers playing in the NBA would win a title playing on the same season.

Beyond that, here is another potential scenario. Assuming that both brothers play for the Lakers next season and win another NBA title, it sets up Marc Gasol for a fitting end to his NBA career. Winning the 2020-21 NBA title would give Pau Gasol his third and Marc Gasol his second.

Most know that Marc Gasol signed a two-year deal. From the looks of it, he is likely to finish that lease and the Lakers appear to be formidable in the coming years. In the final year of his deal, the younger Gasol could win a third NBA title, possibly ending his career (if he decided to wrap it up) with three titles as well.

It is a crazy scenario but certainly something that would cap a colorful NBA run for the Gasol brothers.