Hardcore collectors who have the money to burn will go for specialty novelty items up for auction. And in the case of the ones who love to collect Michael Jordan-related items, these Air Jordan sneakers are expected to fetch a record amount.

There are several items up for grabs from the “A Century Of Champions” program of Sotheby’s and Goldin Auctions. There are a lot of rare and impossible-to-find items over there, led no less by a pair of signed basketball shoes that Michael Jordan wore during the 1991 NBA Finals. For those who may not know, this was the first NBA title won by “His Airness” with the Chicago Bulls.

"The sneakers have remained in my collection for 30 years, and as Jordan’s legacy has only grown as the undisputed greatest of all time, I feel that now is the time to share them and their story with a new generation," Sonny Vaccaro said to USA Today.


The Air Jordan shoes are now part of the ongoing auction that will last until Dec. 7. Considering this is a rare item, Sotheby’s and Goldin Auctions estimates that these shoes will fetch somewhere between $500,000 to $800,000.

“There are 10,000 pairs of Michael’s shoes--his first dunk, his first game, this one, that one and they’re all valuable and people save them,” Vaccaro stated. “But this was me and him 30 years ago and I never thought I’d sell them, but it's the right point and the right time.”

Aside from these Air Jordans, there are two other Michael Jordan items up for grabs. There is another pair being auctioned off in the 1985-86 game-used and signed Air Jordan Dunk Sole sneakers. They are also expected to get high bids with the amount ranging between $600,000 to $800,000.

These shoes are one of only five pairs known to exist. The sneakers are a classic pair of red and white Jordans worn by the NBA great during his second season.

Aside from shoes, also up for bidding is a 1984-85 Jordan game-used Chicago Bulls home uniform. It is forecasted to be worth between $200,000 to 300,000.

Other than Michael Jordan-related items, there is a lot of unparalleled collection of sports memorabilia spanning the past 100 years of global sporting history. For a complete list of these items, check them out at Sotheby’s and Goldin Auctions here.