Tesla has increased the sticker price of specific car models in Europe and both the Model S and Model X are now more expensive than before, getting an average premium of $6,000. The upward price adjustment seemed not to turn away potential buyers and at the same time triggering talks of a possible refresh.

Ironically, the same Tesla EVs have seen price discounts recently in the United States but these are for the existing builds that will be delivered to dealerships soon. It is understood that Tesla's new pricing for the Model S and Model X will be for the vehicle batch that will be rolled out starting in March 2021.

With this in mind, it becomes even more apparent that a model refresh plan is already underway. If the rumors will prove correct, Electrek said the new builds of the Model S and Model X are likely to get the latest battery packs that Tesla has been developing.

In recent days, Tesla CEO Elon Musk dropped hints that all Tesla EVs will get a significant range boost and the upgrade will be applied to existing and upcoming car models. Musk said when the plan gets implemented, users will benefit from the targeted 435 drive range.

It should be noted, however, that Tesla provided no specific timeline for the new battery pack to arrive but as promised by Musk, all Tesla vehicles will be taking advantage of the touted range boost. That should mean the Model S and Model X will cover more mileage regardless of the year model but when exactly is not yet known.

Electrek said the rumored refresh could be part of the project called internally Palladium and it will likely involve hardware and design tweaks for the Tesla sedan and SUV. The two EV models are seen to roll out next year with a redesigned interior, and this could be due to Palladium.

Interestingly, the deployment of the Model S and Model X with a fresh interior is thought to be already in the works since 2019 but for unknown reasons, the implementation was delayed. It appears that Tesla will finally get around the project in 2021 but the changes will lead to additional cost, at least for would-be buyers in Europe.

And still on the subject of the Model S and Model X, the U.S. government confirmed the recall of 9,537 units that comprise the two Tesla EV models. CNET reported the recall order specifically identified the 2016 Model S and the 2020 Model X, and these vehicles will undergo corrective works at no cost to owners.

Tesla acknowledged that the planned repair works for the two EVs, found to have been deployed with factory defects such as roofing and bolt concerns, are deemed significant enough but the issues are not known to have caused crashes or injuries in the past.