Ardent fans keeping tabs on Bundesliga and the Champions League will know that Erling Haaland is a rising superstar on the pitch. The Borussia Dortmund ace scores in nearly all his game appearances and his amazing form prompted some pundits to declare he is the next big thing after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Already, Haaland is demonstrating signs of the qualities that allowed Messi and Ronaldo to dominate in the past two decades. The Norwegian sensation is proving to be a scoring machine in all competitions in Europe. Last season, the 20-year-old recorded a total strike of 44 in 40 games, achieved by playing for Red Bull Salzburg in the first half of the term then in Dortmund after the winter break.

Haaland continued on his rampage in the ongoing campaign. The goal count for the youngster is now at 17 in the season but the impressive fact is the record he is writing.

The forward's total goals in the Champions League stand at 16 after only 12 games. The numbers indicated that Haaland has exceeded the scores managed by Messi and Ronaldo on the same number of game appearances in the UCL, according to CNN.

The Argentine found the back of the net twice in his first 12 UCL matches and the Portuguese went zero in the same stretch. Haaland is in a strong position to eclipse the impressive showings of both Messi and Ronaldo in the competition if his level of play will be sustained at the very least.

Haaland is on track to catch up with Messi's 117 goals and Ronaldo's 131 hauls in the Champions League if he can keep playing healthy over the years. The marksman is expected to only get better and perhaps in due time, he will be the equal of the two football legends.

CNN added there is little doubt that Haaland is a prolific goalscorer and that someday he could take up the scoring mantles currently under the name of Messi and Ronaldo.

Characterizing the Bundesliga sensation as heir apparent to the two legends makes sense. Haaland is dripping with talent and his skills have been adjudged to be in advanced development. It seemed unimaginable how the striker will perform when he inches closer to peak level.

It's safe to assume that Haaland unlocking his best version will be nearly unstoppable. And it's only natural to tout the Dortmund talisman as the future of football. Because as BBC reminded, Messi and Ronaldo, aged 33 and 35 respectively, cannot go on forever.

Haaland has yet to complete a full year of spell on Bundesliga but the speculations are rife he could soon move to a bigger club, where he is expected to explode even more. The list of suitors includes Manchester United, Liverpool, and Real Madrid.

If the rumors are correct, Haaland prefers any of the last two and it's understandable as both clubs represent a greater chance of winning titles and competing in Europe. These elements are key for the young Norwegian to continue shining and reach his full potential.