Meghan Markle is back in good health after miscarrying her second pregnancy in July. A friend revealed that the Duchess of Sussex took the time to process the loss with her husband Prince Harry.

The source told Daily Mirror that it helped Meghan to realize that a miscarriage is a common issue, but it's hardly discussed in the open. This apparently gave the duchess the resolve to share her story knowing it might help other people.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl said that Meghan wanted to write the piece on her miscarriage to break down the stigma and let the subject be a part of conversations. For Nicholl, the Duchess of Sussex is in a unique position to discuss a personal issue in public to highlight the causes she advocates with Prince Harry.

According to E! News, Prince Harry supported his wife when she planned on writing her experience for the New York Times. Penning the op-ed piece also helped in processing the pain and loss but sources said that the Sussex pair has since been doing well. In her piece, Meghan also encouraged people to ask each other if they are OK to help with the process of healing.

A month after their unexpected trip to the hospital to deal with the pregnancy loss, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex went to a non-profit organization, Baby2Baby, to volunteer, according to People. With face masks on, the couple helped in the distribution of school supplies for children as school was set to reopen that August.

In that same month, Meghan and Harry visited a preschool to build the school garden and plant flowers and vegetables. Meghan then got busy in various virtual conferences to encourage people to vote, leading up to the U.S. elections.

Meghan said that her miscarriage happened one ordinary July day. As she went about her morning to pick up her son, Archie, from his crib and change his diaper, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. Clutching Archie, Meghan tried to keep calm, but she knew what was happening; she was losing the baby inside her.

At the hospital, the Duchess of Sussex shared that Prince Harry was devasted. But the Sussex pair had Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, to lean on as their tower of strength. Harry also informed the royal family of Meghan's miscarriage and her intention to write the essay for the New York Times. The Sussexes have the support on both sides of the family.