It looks like ONEUS will be starting the year by showing off their dark and sexy side. The six-member boy group has just dropped the concept films ahead of the release of their new single "No Diggity," which will be the title track from their upcoming album DEVIL.

ONEUS had already been teasing on their January comeback since the release of the digital single "Bbusyeo" back in early December. The MV for the song actually featured Hwanwoong getting excited over a notification dated January 2021. Although some believed that it was a reference to the group's second anniversary, most Tomoons were already expecting a new album announcement.

On December 30, it was finally confirmed that ONEUS would release a new album titled DEVIL. The announcement was made through a teaser video depicting the group's new logo. On January 3, the first concept photo featuring RAVN, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion was revealed.

The tracklist for DEVIL was unveiled on January 7, and it was confirmed that the title track would be "No Diggity." The full album consists of 11 tracks, including the previously released "Bbusyeo" and the song "Cold Leftovers," which has been retitled "Leftover." ONEUS also dropped a teaser MV for "Intro: Devil is in the Detail" that featured a completely new choreography.

The latest teasers that have been dropped by ONEUS are the concept films focusing on each member. The first two clips featured Hwanwoong and Xion while the teasers for Seoho and Leedo were dropped the next day. The last two clips that were dropped focused on RAVN and Keonhee.

Although the concept films were labeled as "No Diggity Clip Teasers," fans quickly noted that each video featured a different song. This could mean that ONEUS gave their fans a brief preview of what the album DEVIL will sound like. Needless to say, it's a dark yet sexy sound that promises an exciting new era for ONEUS.

ONEUS has been busy in the past few months as they held their first online concert CRUSH ON Ø US and won the Focus Singer Award at the Asia Artist Awards in November. This was followed by the release of the "Bbusyeo" MV in December. The release of DEVIL may be only the beginning of a truly exciting year for the idol group.

DEVIL is the first full album from ONEUS. It will be released on January 19.